CAS Research

CAS Research Council (A.Y. 2020-2021)

Shiela M. Manzanilla, PhD

Editha E. De Jesus, PhD

Research Coordinator

Princess Catherine L. Pabellano

Research Staff, Publications

Shiela M. Manzanilla, PhD
Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics

Gino A. Cabrera, MPsy
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Jed Frank D. Marqueses, MA
Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

Kathleen O. Pornobi, MA
Bachelor of Science in Biology

Judeimar Ungriano, MAH
Bachelor of Arts in History

Brian D. Villaverde, MC
Bachelor of Arts in Communication
College of Arts and Sciences



A college known for leading researches in the field of natural sciences, social sciences, behavioral sciences and mathematics, supporting the needs of the community and beyond. 


Undertake research and development projects to create practical technologies, strategies, and programs beneficial to sustain the needs of the community, to improve people’s quality of life and put into practice the mission of the University.


The Research Office of the College aims to promote the conduct of research and development projects in:

1. Zoology, Agriculture and Medicine to come up with discoveries that can help in the formulation of environmental management procedures;

2. Cultural and historical aspects of man and society to provide understanding and explanation to the past and present occurrences;

3. Public and private services and governance to come up with management procedures;

4. Language and linguistic issues, media and public information creation, and dissemination to explain and provide understanding on the role and functions of mass media and language in society;

5. Behavior of individuals and norms of the society to discover its significance to the status of the society, in order to create measures and procedures;

6. The utilization of mathematical theories and principles for the prediction and explanation of different phenomena in the community and beyond.