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TILAMSIK Volume 10, August 2018

TILAMSIK: The Southern Luzon Journal of Arts and Sciences
Volume 10, August 2018

Published by: Southern Luzon State University-College of Arts and Sciences Research & Publications Office
International Standard Serial Number: (Print) 1656-1953  |  (Online) ISSN: 2467-6209
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Front Matter

Research Articles

Phenotypic Distribution of ABO Blood Groups between Cosmopolitan and Regional Population of Lucban, Quezon
Wilfredo B. Barrera, Jr.

Personality Traits and State of Happiness as Correlates to Performance: Implications for Effective Teaching Career Enhancement
Gino A. Cabrera

Interactive E-Learning Portal for Enrichment of Conceptual Understanding of Grade 8 Learners in Physics
Michael Leonard D. Lubiano