Mapping Applied Linguistics: A guide for students and practitioners

Aprillette C. Devanadera, MAAL
Graduate Student, De La Salle University, Manila
Instructor I, Department of Languages, Literature, and Humanities, College of Arts and Sciences, Southern Luzon State University

Incorporating both socio-cultural and critical perspective, this book Mapping Applied Linguistics: A guide for students and practitioners is a comprehensive introduction with a carefully assembled analysis of major developments and issues in applied linguistics. Comprised of 12 chapters organized in three parts (Part A, B and C), the book aims to provide an in-depth investigation on the role of language to real-world problems and the potential solutions available. This is a seminal book that provides map to guide students and practitioners in their journey to the diverse and constantly expanding range of theories, methods and issues in the field of applied linguistics. The authors Christopher J. Hall and Rachel Wicaksono, both are Senior Lecturers at York St. John University, UK, and Patrick H. Smith, Associate Professor at The University of Texas, USA, have a great deal of experiences interacting with students from diverse backgrounds. Thus, they provide knowledge of international contexts and problems as an indispensable ingredient in the successful preparation for the future applied linguists.

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Philippine Copyright 2016

Hall, C.J., Smith, P.H., Wicaksono,R. (2011). Mapping Applied Linguistics: A Guide for students and practitioners. USA and Canada: Routledge.