Diagnosing an Interdisciplinary Task-Based Course: An Error Analysis on Business Report Writing

Marilou D. Maas
Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics/
Bondoc Peninsula Agricultural High School, Mulanay, Quezon


This study dealt with the error analysis of writing composition in a Business Report writing class, in which the result served as the basis in the preparation of a proposed remediation material. It utilized the descriptive method of research to describe the error analysis in writing. Respondents were chosen using purposive sampling. Frequency distribution and percentage were used to determine the most common errors committed in writing. After the analysis of data, the study revealed that the common errors committed by students taking Business Report Writing are the use of verbs and misspelling. Errors on the use of punctuation marks, incorrect verb forms, misspelled words, and incorrect word choice are common under mechanics, grammar, usage, and organization, respectively. The User-Friendly Error Guide developed out of the result was rated by the respondents as highly acceptable as to the accuracy of the content, clarity, learning activities, and appeal.

Keywords: error analysis, business report writing

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Philippine Copyright 2015

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