Embedded Advertising in Rated K: The Political Economy of Magazine Talk Show

Princess Catherine L. Pabellano
Department of Languages, Literature and Humanities
BA Communication Program


Advertising strategies developed and adapted to the changes of time. To break the advertising clutter, advertisers devised ways to get into the consumers’ minds in the subtlest way possible. The new scheme, product integration or stealth advertising proved to be beneficial to networks. Without laws that specifically deal with stealth advertising, shows and networks welcome the practice, generating greater profit. More prominent in entertainment, stealth advertising and product integration infiltrated the more serious type of programming such as news and talk show. Interwoven in the storyline, advertisements are read as information instead of commercials. Rated K, a magazine talk show of ABS-CBN creatively embedded advertisements to its already questionnable line of programming. The show featured human interest story that highlights drama and oddity than significance. But more than this, the show blurred the line separating information, entertainment and advertising.

Keywords: Stealth Advertising, Product Integration, Talk Show, Rated K

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Philippine Copyright 2015

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