Proposed Queueing Systems to Minimize the Waiting Time during Enrolment in Southern Luzon State University, Lucban, Quezon

Claudine A. Veluya
Bachelor of Science in Mathematics


This study was conducted to propose a queueing system to minimize the waiting time of the students of SLSU main campus in Lucban, Quezon during enrolment in the Cashier’s section, Land Bank of the Philippines (Lucban branch), posting section, and registrar’s office. The researcher utilized a descriptive type of research in the actual fourteen days of observation in four (4) different sections in the enrolment process to monitor the predominant activities in the inter-arrival time of students and service time of the servers for every post/window/s of the said sections/offices. Analysis and interpretation of the gathered data were done by applying the process of queueing model. After analyzing and interpreting the results, the researcher concluded that the fastest inter-arrival and service time in the cashier sections per year level is in cashier section 1 (3rd year), while the slowest is the inter-arrival in the cashier section 4 (3rd year), and the shortest service time is cashier section 1 (5th year). In the Land Bank of the Philippines, the fastest inter-arrival and service time happens for the 1st year and 5th year students’ enrolment schedules, respectively. Meanwhile, in the posting sections, the fastest inter-arrival time was observed during the 1st year enrollment in posting 1 and 2, while 2nd year posting section 1 has the fastest service time. In the Registrar’s office, the fastest inter-arrival and service time, occurs in the Registrar’s office 4 during the 1st year and 5th year students’ enrollment, while the slowest inter-arrival and service time are in Registrar’s 4 (4th year) and Registrar’s 2 (5th year). The Poisson distribution is fitted in the distribution of arrivals while Exponential distribution fits the service time of the two sections. The administration is capable of accommodating single students in the cashier sections, Land Bank of the Philippines (Lucban branch), Posting sections, and Registrar’s office where students can spend a minimum time of 3 minutes and 30 seconds with a proposed minimum time in all year levels with a minimum of two servers in posting sections and Land Bank of the Philippines (Lucban branch), five to six servers in cashier sections and four to five servers in registrar offices.

Keywords: Queueing system, inter-arrival and service time rate, poisson and exponential distribution

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Philippine Copyright 2015