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TWP 2017-01: Preliminary Study on the Information Technology-Business Processing Management (IT-BPM) Industry in CALABARZON: Opportunities, Challenges, and Problems

Milo O. Placino, Joanna Paula Ellaga, Mari Jane A. Lee, Herminia A. Babia, Nordelina B. Ilano, Necita Delsie Sabas, Judith S. Sarabia, Nicanor L. Guinto, Josephine Camson, Arsenia Abuel, Natalia Oblena, Julia Lea Radovan
Office of the SLSU President, College of Business Administration, & College of Arts and Sciences,
Southern Luzon State University


The study explores the opportunities, challenges, problems, and other situated business-related concerns of selected Information Technology-Business Processing Management (IT-BPM) companies in Region IV-A CALABARZON, with an end view of suggesting viable solutions on the identified issues contingent to the growth and development of the industry in the region. It specifically tries to: determine the status and trends of the IT-BPM industry in CALABARZON; assess the IT-BPM industry in the region with regard to services, goods and capital, skilled labor/human capital, market, infrastructure, governance, environmental concerns; determine the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the IT-BPM industry in CALABARZON. Viable solutions to address the identified issues and concerns are offered.

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1. This research is commissioned by the National Economic Development Authority Region IV-A and funded by the Department of Science and Technology Region IV-A CALABARZON & Southern Luzon State University. It is a collaborative project between the Office of the SLSU President, College of Arts and Sciences & College of Business Administration, Southern Luzon State University

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